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Click on the link below to download (input info on a saved document) a template of the Chain Of Custody form. This Electronic form is provided to assist our clients with a convenient way to save time in the sample submission process.



Click on the link below to download (input info on a saved document) our GeoLabs Quick Reference Sample Sheet. This form gives you information on Sample analysis Method/Container/Preservative/Holding Time.

Quick Reference Sample SheeT IN EXCEL


  1. Identify the cold water faucet in the household where water is customarily first drawn in the morning for drinking or cooking use.
  2. Before sampling from this faucet, do not draw water from the household plumbing for at least six hours, preferably longer. The first thing in the morning is typically the most convenient time for sampling, but some may find evening after and all day absence easier.
  3. Take the cap off the sample bottle, placing the cap with the top down on a clean surface. Avoid touching the inside of the cap.
  4. Hold sample bottle directly under the faucet, open it, and run water gently into the sample bottle until it is about three quarters full.
  5. Replace the cap tightly. Using waterproof ink or ballpoint pen, note your name, telephone number, time and date of sampling on the bottle.
  6. Fill out the Chain of Custody Form provided with the bottle.
  7. Drop the sample off at GeoLabs, Inc.
  8. All analytical results will be kept confidential. Standard turn around time for results is five business days; but there are options for 24-hour, 48-hour, and 72-hour rush available at an additional charge. Please indicate the turn-around time you would prefer on the Chain of Custody, as well as the preferable report type.